If you require transport within the next 24 hours: CALL US. Do not use our booking form.

Terms and Conditions

Jervis Bay Airport Express when quoting pick up time always allow tolerance time in case of any unforeseen circumstances that may occur. We aim for international passengers to arrive approximately 2 to 3 hours prior to departure and domestic passengers approximately 1 to 2 hours prior. If passengers are not allowing the recommended check in time prior to their flight by their carrier, it is company policy to refuse to take the booking. If you need to arrive earlier at your destination please advise us on booking. It is the passenger’s responsibility to confirm their booking.

Jervis Bay Airport Express take care at all times to ensure that our passengers get to their flights on time. We however do not take responsibility for unforeseen delays that cause severe hold ups on route to Sydney. eg. holiday traffic, road closures, roadworks, fog, bushfires, storms, accidents etc.

Jervis Bay Airport Express ask all passengers arriving at the airport to make their way to the designated meeting points as soon as they come through customs or have collected their luggage. We also ask that you supply us with a mobile number before departure and have your mobile switched on as soon as you arrive. If you have any concerns or are unable to find your driver please ring the office or A.H number listed on your confirmation.

Incoming flights are continually monitored. If a flight is delayed we will move the delayed passenger to a later bus where possible. If it is the last bus of the day we will wait unless the delayed passenger has been notified of our departure. We do not leave passengers behind. If a passenger has missed a flight please advise the office by phone or by email ASAP advising us of your new flight details.

Jervis Bay Airport Express aim to depart from the airport within 1-1 ½ hours from the time you have arrived at the meeting point. We however remind passengers that we have no control over flights and customs. The passenger we may need to give that extra few minutes to could be you.

If a booking is cancelled 3 days prior to travel, a $25 booking fee will be deducted from the refund. If a booking is cancelled less than 3 days prior to the date of travel NO refund will be given.

Jervis Bay Airport Express come under the authority and regulations of the Transport NSW and therefore comply with all regulations including no drinking of alcohol, no smoking and no eating on the bus.

While Jervis Bay Airport Express endevours to care for passengers luggage, it is the responsibility of the passenger to make sure their luggage is loaded onto the trailer or bus and that they make sure they collect their luggage at the conclusion of the journey. Leaving luggage on the bus or not collecting the right bag may incur an extra charge. When booking please advise us of any excess luggage.

Jervis Bay Airport Express requests that all passengers check their arrival date and time back into Sydney Airport is correct. If you are travelling from overseas make sure that you are not giving us your departure date and have allowed for the time difference. Please also check that you are not giving us your departure date and time.

A confirmation text message or phone call is sent to every passenger, departing from the South Coast, NSW, each afternoon between 4 & 6pm. If this message has not been received please call our Office or A.H. number straight away. Please allow 15 minutes either side of quoted pickup times. The driver will endeavour to contact you if he is running late but remember he is driving. We reserve the right to alter times and will notify you ASAP. Please contact the Office or A.H. contact numbers if your driver has not arrived within 20 mins of your quoted pickup time.

As a courtesy to all our passengers we ask that you make sure that you have all your travel documents including a current passport if travelling on an international flight. Jervis Bay Airport Express will not put other passenger’s flights in jeopardy to go back for forgotten items.

Travelling with children is not a problem with Jervis Bay Airport Express. Please notify us on booking that you are travelling with your children and we will provide carseats for children 4 years and under. Booster seats are also available for children over 4 years. NSW Transport Act requires us to provide carseats for children under 1 year but we are happy to provide them for children up to 6 yrs.

Rydges Sydney Airport Terminal Hotel special offer

Meeting Areas
Terminal 1

International Airport Ground floor, inside McDonalds.

Terminal 2

Domestic Airport Ground floor, Inbound Café.

Terminal 3

Qantas Domestic Ground floor, Hudson Café.

Central Station

Country Link Terminal Entrance.

Cruise Ships

Designated Shuttle Bus Meeting Area.